Tonight I was lamenting to Jeff that I would like to blog, but have nothing to really blog about. Our lives are fairly mundane right now - we go to work, we go to school, we do homework. Jeff said, "Well, blog about me."
So, here goes.
This is Jeff.

24-years-old. Loves movies. Currently reading about a gazillion different books - including Tale of Two Cities, Frankenstein, and Lord of the Rings. Dislikes onions and mushrooms. Does not drink carbonation. Currently needs a haircut. Had his nose broken in high school when it was hit by a baseball. Loves playing Settlers of Catan- especially Cities and Knights. Is a lot better at remembering to write in his journal than I am - (which makes me more motivated to do my own journal writing - I have to make sure our posterity gets the whole story). An extremely loyal employee. Tells you to take Noni for any ailment you may have. Likes rollercoasters. Loves being in the water - be it ocean, lake, or pool. Nice singing voice. Speaks Spanish. Right now he has an obsession for Fifa Soccer 2010 on the Wii.
Has been working really hard on his homework this semester, which is why I'm sitting here bored and trying to come up with things to blog about. :-)