It Runs in the Family

The Haneberg genes are strong ones.

Recently I was browsing through old family photo albums, and came across this photo of my mom and three of her brothers back in 1975.

I was struck by how much my own brothers and I had resembled the four of them at the same ages. I dug through the un-albumed family photos, trying to find something that would really showcase the striking similarities.

The best I could come up with was this, from Christmas 1995.

Well, aren't we a good looking bunch. Nothing like having Daniel in a Jr Jazz uniform, with a basketball and his broken arm which was the result of playing a banned game at recess. (Banned for a good reason, apparently.) Then you have me, showing my insanely keen fashion sense in my Garfield sweatshirt. Nils of course is already practicing his pretty boy pose, and Anders is the sweetest little boy with platinum hair and rosy cheeks.

But still - can you see the resemblance??

It's probably stronger if you actually knew us back then. Particularly the Arne/Nilsy part - that one just blows me away.

And though the Haneberg genes are strong ones, I still often hear about how much my brothers and I resemble my dad. However, none of us do quite like Christian. This became really apparent to me last spring when I was making this video for my dad's birthday, and scanning in old photos of him.

A little chip off the ol' block, I'd say.