To-Do Lists.

I am a list making person.

I think it's in my blood. My mom has a little notebook that she makes a to-do list in each day. As I've gotten older, I've begun to copy this, generally with a sheet of note paper, folded into fourths, that I stick into my planner. I make a smaller list of things to do that day and a larger list of what needs to be done that week. I put stars next to the things that are the most important. Sometimes I'll even write something down that I already completed for the pure joy of checking it off.

Most of the time having a nicely laid out to-do list is a comfort to me. However, there are times - particularly toward the end of a semester - when the list becomes a glaring white banner that screams at me every time I open my planner, reminding me again that I have more things to do then I have time for. And there are also times when the list seems to mock me, reminding me again and again that I must do the laundry, scrub the bathroom, head to the grocery store.

On Sunday in Relief Society, this very topic was brought up, and similar tales were shared about feeling overwhelmed with trying to do it all, with frustration of having little time available to do the things we actually want to do. That is something I've been battling with recently - it's finally my summer break! This is when I'm supposed to have so much "me time", right? Instead we've been running around crazy - something different planned every night. It's exhausting, and a little frustrating.

Jani Driggs made a very intriguing suggestion on Sunday. "Every day, do one thing that won't come undone," she said. "Call a friend, read a story to a child, write in your journal."

I loved this idea. My kitchen will also get messy again, but there are so many things that I love to do that leave me feeling accomplished and satisfied. So many things that won't be gone the next day. Reading, sewing, creating something for myself or others. Learning something new. Spending time with family and friends.

And I feel that as long as I have at least one "won't come undone" item coupled with my daily grind, I'm progressing. My life isn't a day-to-day repeat of itself, it gains more meaning! And when tossed together with the substantial zest of purpose, my daily tasks retain their flavor, rather than growing stale.

Now I think I might go write "blog" on today's list, so I can check it off.