The difference a year makes...

Holly, Fredrik, and Livia just left this last week for China. I'm glad they are reunited with Daniel, but really bummed that they had to leave.

I thought this comparison was fun - on the left is a picture of Fredrik a few days before they left for DC July 2010. On the right is just before they left for China. He's still super cute, and still loves that swing!

And of course this little sweetie wasn't around last year -

She is always all smiles, unless you look at her with pringles in your mouth like a duck. That really terrifies her.

We were looking through old pictures recently for a project we were working on and I came across this one of Daniel. He looks so much like Fredrik! Holly and I got a good laugh over that. That expression is so Fredrik.

It was such a special treat that Holly and the kids were able to come stay in Utah at all before jetting off to China, but that didn't make them leaving again any less hard. :-( So glad we were able to spend more time with them!