Baby Shower Summer

Throughout the past year so many of my friends have welcome little bundles of joy into their homes, and it has been so fun to see them all become mothers. In the months leading up to our move I helped throw three showers for some wonderful close friends of mine - Tasha, Kylee and Heidi. I was luckily still in Utah when Tasha gave birth the Jack, but unfortunately wasn't there a few weeks ago when Kylee gave birth to Luke, and won't be there when Heidi has her little boy. Throwing showers for them became extra important in light of that - it was my chance to try to feel a part of these exciting changes in their lives.

First in June was a Peter Rabbit themed shower for Tasha that I threw with Kari. I was trying to decide between a few themes for the shower, one of which was Peter Rabbit. I told this to my mom, who showed me that by chance she had picked up some adorable Peter Rabbit gummy candies that she said I could use, and that settled it. I had fun putting together decorations and food for this shower - Mrs. McGregor's pot pies, veggie cups, oreo truffle "cabbages", and a super delicious carrot cake from scratch. I had never made a carrot cake before, but picked a recipe and it was fantastic!

This was back when Crowsh was still pregnant, too!

In July I threw Kylee a hot air balloon themed shower. We had it out on my parent's back deck, and while it was hot hot hot, it was beautiful and lots of fun. I made chocolate hot air balloon suckers, one of which ended up partially in the sun and melted right off it's stick! We had delicious food again, but the real hit of the party were the powdered sugar doughnut holes I ordered from the Provo Bakery. They were delicious!

After we took this picture I saw Jeff watching in the window, and he shook his head. He hates cheesiness like this.

In August we had a darling alphabet themed shower for Heidi. Heidi's sister Jami was the real mastermind behind this one, she had it all planned out and assigned food assignments to everyone. Crystal and I made a chocolate covered strawberries (we overshot and made waaay more than we needed, but they were good!) We had the shower at Crystal's house. Heidi, of course, barely looks pregnant, despite being 8 months along.

I love stuffed mushrooms.

So great to see so many of our BYU friends.

Love these two.

I'm so glad I was able to celebrate with all of these wonderful friends who were expecting sweet baby boys.