My parents.

My parents are a bit silly.

Here is my mom, telling her famous joke. She only tells this occasionally, so it is always a treat. This was taken on her birthday this past summer.

Swedish vs. Norwegian has always been an issue at our house. At Christmastime my parents have a little battle to see who can get more little flags of their nationality on the tree. We had more little Swedish flags, but because my dad was taller he always put all the Norwegian ones up at the top. That battle was eventually taken care of by having two trees - one done in blue with Swedish flags, one in red with Norwegian. The Norwegian tree is bigger but my dad complains that my mom makes the Swedish tree prettier.

I think she likes to tell this joke because it gets everyone laughing at those silly Norwegian Vikings.

Mom's Joke from Linnea Farnsworth on Vimeo.

We have this strange tradition in our household that when Jeff and I (and Daniel and Holly, back when they lived in Provo) would leave, everyone would come out and wave on the driveway. A robotic wave, all in a line together. This has gone on for years. Toward the end of this summer, though, the wave began to get less robotic and more edgy. My parents have quite the dance moves (actually the whole family does, if you ever saw this post) and I got a kick out of making this gif of them -

S1TtV2 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs