2013 Inaugural Ball

Attending the Inaugural Ball was definitely the neatest thing I've gotten to do so far in DC. It was a fairly last minute plan - luckily I had a floor length silk gown in my closet. It may not be black, but it functions just as a good little black dress ought to - has come in useful in more situations than I could have imagined when I bought it. I attended with my friend Andrew Lee, where we had the goal of documenting the event in a different way than is normally done - we wanted to spotlight the average attendee rather than the high profile. We met several interesting people who had come from all over the country to celebrate.

The ball was more of a concert than I had expected - sort of like a music festival, but without the mud and grime, plus everyone was dressed to the nines and very polite. No shoving, no pushing. We were constantly moving throughout the room, so I was closer to the stage for certain performers and not at all close for others. There was no schedule made public, so we just had to wait and see who came out next! Consequently I was no where near when the President and First Lady had their dance, so was content to sit and watch rather than try to take any photographs, figuring that probably 20,000 of the 30,000 people there had it covered on either a camera or phone.

Here are some of the photos I took -

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2013 inaugural ball john legend
2013 inaugural ball john legend2013 inaugural ball darren criss2013 inaugural ball amber rileyAndrew and I - 2013 inaugural ball darren criss