The Cat Who Loves Eggnog

Shadow has gotten stranger and stranger habits in her old age. She is now nearly 20 and, like some older people, has become completely devoid of manners or decorum. She has a taste for human food that she never had before, and is constantly underfoot in the kitchen. She will meow the loudest I have ever heard her meow (and it's a cranky, old lady meow now) especially if you have any cheese out.

She also has forgotten how to take treats gently, and I returned from my trip to Utah with scratches all over my hands. Bless her little kitty heart.

Christmas dinner was spent like this -

In fact, at one point I was talking and apparently moving my hands around (with a forkful of ham in one) and she jumped up and tried to attack it! I did give her ham finally - I tend to give in to her mews because I think she's cute and I want her to love me - but was only rewarded by her throwing up later and my having to clean it up.

I would say she thinks cheese is the best thing in the world, but then I saw her reaction to ham, and then I saw her discover egg nog.

What's this? It's nice...

Must have more!


When my family eats dinner, at some point in time usually someone will get up for a minute to get something. If you forget to push your chair in (which we all do) immediately Shadow considers it her chair and assumes she has been invited to dinner. It won't take long to see a little head pop up.

What are we having, guys?