About Face

When Nils came home from his mission in January, I hung around and spent some time goofing around Provo with him as he started back up in school. I got to introduce him to some of my friends in the area who had never met him (weird to think of people who don't know Nils, but apparently it was possible) and so many of them told us right away that we looked a lot like each other.

They'd all say this to us and I'd think, yeah, sure. We look alike to an extent. I look like all of my brothers to some extent - the Haneberg genes are strong ones (remember?) People say the same about Anders and I, Daniel and I, Christian and I. They tell me I look more and more like my dad, and at the same time I hear I look more and more like my mom. So I really didn't think anything of it.

Until I saw this picture that my dad took of us one of those nights.

I guess I see what everyone is talking about.

Now the real question is if Nils and I are unconsciously making this face a lot together. Because this is the exact same face, in a scary way, and it was definitely not planned. Do we walk into a room together and suddenly bust that face out while we are making introductions? Is that why people make a face similar to what Anders is doing there, and are unable to hold back a "Whoa, you guys look a lot alike" comment?

I'm assuming there was some direction given for this photo about funny faces, or goofy faces, or something. But I can't be totally sure, since Anders is just looking at us like we're weirdos, and Christian is not make a funny face for once.

If the next time you see Nils and I together (or separately) and we make this face at you, please politely alert us. It's not on purpose, I promise.