Diamonds and Denim

Tonight I photographed The Connelly School of the Holy Child's fundraising gala. They were kind enough to invite Jeff to come along with me, so he could hold my bag and follow me around. He also got to eat his dinner hot, while I up running around photographing the speakers. Lucky guy.

The theme was "Diamonds and Denim" - which had me baffled on the dress code. My go-to gala outfit is my long silk dress (like I wore to the inaugural ball) but I figured that wasn't going to work here. When I asked, I was told it was Texas glam, but nobody could actually tell me for sure what they would be wearing. I don't have much in the way of Texas glam in my wardrobe, but I remembered this dress that I picked up marked way down in a sale at the end of last summer and decided to run with it. Then I piled on all the glitzy jewelry I own, and figured that would glam it up some.

I think Jeff was tempted to bid on a few of the big items in the live auction - would have been nice, if we weren't too busy paying Jeff's tuition to go on a vacation to Jamaica.

Jeff rode the mechanical bull. As you can see, the lady watching him was not impressed, but I sure was.