Is it smaller than a breadbox?

My friend Shelby has a challenge on her blog - to post something she got done each Wednesday to help motivate her out of procrastination. Doesn't have to be a craft/project, can be anything she accomplished at all (and I organized our pantry yesterday, so I really should have posted that!) When she proposed this idea last October I thought to myself, What a great idea! This will inspire me to get all of my projects done and link them up to her blog! 

Sooo, time went by. Lots of Wednesdays went by. When I got to see Shelby over Christmas break when we both went back to Utah, I told her I was going to join in and to watch for my posts. This was supposed to be another way to motivate me to actually start. But now it has been nearly 3 months and I still haven't actually done anything, and it is in fact Thursday now (didn't even make the Wednesday post, whoops) but the project was done Wednesday, so it counts.

This was a real triumph in procrastination. I bought this breadbox summer of 2008, I think. I always had the intention to repaint it, in fact, at one point I painted one side of it, then decided I didn't care for it and just left it half painted for the next 4 years. There was originally a little tile in the center indentation which had a farming scene on it, which I removed pretty quickly.

I have to say, it's functioned just fine as a breadbox, even being half painted and never finished. However I finally sat down and painted it this week and now that project is done.

My mom helped me track down this paint color, which is to match my Ikea Dala horse pans that will be hung on the wall. Someday. That will be left for another Thursday-wishing-it-was-Wednesday post, though.

PS - Here is a before picture, for Shelby. I know I took one way back when I first got the breadbox, complete with the farm scene tile, but I cannot find it for the life of me. Perhaps because it was 4 years ago. So here is before as in before-yesterday -