Pillow Talk

Learning to make a simple envelope pillow has turned out to be such a useful accomplishment. So here I am with another great Wednesday accomplishment post!

During this last week I sat down and made these pillows for our couch, and I just love them so much. I picked up the fabric, which is called Whimsical Safari, over Christmas break in Utah. I also made new covers for the larger pillows - blue, of course. I love blue so much I have to remind myself that everything in the house can't be blue. I mean, it could, but I'm thinking I should probably not try that.

I know I would have loved these so much as a kid.
I also made pillows for our bed last fall that I decided to share today. Again, just a plain envelope pillow - no buttons, zippers, etc. The herringbone one was a tutorial from pinterest, one of my pinterest successes (I've had a few massive failures, which I don't do Wednesday posts about. Maybe I should.)

Lastly, another older project, but it's worth sharing. The window in our bedroom is small and off centered. I had a great idea of how to fix this, a vision which Jeff did not understand and consequently he resisted helping me put up the curtains for a few weeks. I nagged and nagged him though, and the result was this (and he was impressed and had renewed faith in my crazy ideas) -

Before -

After -