Pounding the Pavement for Matt and Stephanie

Our friends Matt and Stephanie have been so fortunate to become associated with Pound the Pavement for Parenthood, a wonderful organization which sponsored a 5K race last weekend for them to help them raise money for IVF. Stephanie is very open about their journey with infertility on their blog, and you can also read about their story on Pound the Pavement's website here.

Matt and Jeff are long time friends, they navigated grade school together. Matt and Stephanie were married just a few weeks before Jeff and I were, and Stephanie is so terrific. One of the most loving, sweet people I know.

Matt and Stephanie live in South Bend, Indiana where Matt is attending law school at Notre Dame. When Jeff and I drove out to DC last summer we stopped in South Bend to see them and they were so generous and let us spend the night at their apartment. We really wish we could have gone to South Bend to run in their race, but since we couldn't we did the next best thing and ran our own stretch here in DC on Saturday!

We failed to take a picture of us doing so, because I often fail as a photographer at those type of basic things. However, here is a map of what we did:

If you'd like to donate and help Matt and Stephanie become parents (they will be amazing parents, I can promise you) you can do so here.