See Jeff Run

Last Sunday Jeff ran the Tiger Trot 5K, put on by the School of the Holy Child, where I work some. I was shooting the race, and Jeff is always such a good sport to come along and participate in whatever is going on. (Although I will say he was relieved when I told him I hadn't volunteered us to chaperon Prom tonight.)

This was Jeff's first time racing like this since he was 12, and he did really well! He placed 5th in his division (59th overall) and his time was 25:40. He attributes his great 8:16 pace to trying to keep up with the awesome 69-year-old in front of him (she beat him, by the way.)

He borrowed my iPod and armband to listen to music while he ran, but says he ran out of time to pick a play list or anything before the starting gun went off, so he ended up listening to the most random songs while he ran. Nothing like a little Christmas music to rev you up for a race in April.

Go team Jeff!!