The coolest car we've ever had.

Last summer my good friend Kari approached me about a tricky topic.
"Did I see your parents driving a convertible around the neighborhood this week?" She asked.
I sighed. "Yes, yes you did."

Now, my mom always wanted a Saab convertible. I remember her seeing one when I was young in the classifieds and showing Daniel and I. But of course, it wasn't practical, and so she kept driving mini-vans.

So their purchase of a Saab convertible (used) last summer was long overdue, really.

Here is what I think happened: this was really due to them buying two Volvos. Buying two cars usually doesn't equate to needing to buy a third, but stay with me. They were pleased with their Volvos and putting around the neighborhood when they suddenly realized they were turning into my grandparents - my mom has been known to doze off while playing games, my dad is a "Farfar", and with the wagons in the driveway it was only a matter of time, By Golly. So they got a little spooked, and decided to re-establish their coolness factor with a zippy little car.

I realize I just described a mid-life crisis, but let's not define this too much by labels.

Besides, there is another element here. Perhaps they looked around and realized they had a 10-year-old son, and his pre-teen years were going to get pretty boring if he was going to need to feed them M&M's everytime they drove somewhere to keep them awake.

Christian has declared the convertible "the coolest car we've ever had" and I think everyone agrees.

I know I've mentioned in the past that Nils has been shown to be the favorite child over the years in varying degrees of obvious. Here is another one: he came home from his mission and was given the Saab. Never mind that he didn't even know how to drive a stick. Either they think he really needs help in the dating department (although stalling the car at every light may not help) or he really is just the favorite.