Blue Desk

When we moved to DC, we had to do our best to fill in the furniture gaps in our apartment for as little money as possible. One thing we really needed was a desk, and we found one at this terrific thrift store in Merrifield, called Unique. It's my favorite thrift store ever - it's enormous!

This desk was not in the best shape, but it was cheap:

One thing you can't see is how badly the wood is banged up. Some previous owner had even left a hint of what their life might have been like:

"Help!!!" they cried. I imagine this to be a ten year old, desperate to escape the desk where they are forced to tackle their homework.

Every day must not have been bad, though. There were also smiley faces carved in, perhaps from nights when they were able to work on more fun assignments, like book reports, creative writing, or anything requiring you to go above and beyond in a creative way. (Weren't those everyone's favorites? No? Just me?)

After several months of thinking I should do something with the desk, even if just to get knobs to replace the missing ones, I decided to paint it blue. During my Spring break at the end of March I sanded it down and painted it with a high gloss enamel paint. I really love the result!

A few weekends ago while wandering through the flea market at Eastern Market Jeff and I found a box of drawer pulls - solid brass and only $1 each! So now our desk has knobs.

I will also be keeping an eye on Jeff as he does his homework to make sure he doesn't attempt to bring back  the "Help!!!" carvings.