Hole in the Wall

So after our failed attempt to reach Hole in the Wall, we went home and soaked in the hot tub. But then we set out on a fresh start the next day, taking the long way around which took us through Forks and La Push. However, this will not have anything to do with those places, so Twilight fans can now click away.

We timed our trip out there badly, because the tide was in and we were unable to actually walk out into the hole in the wall. Shucks! It's still a neat place, though.

Rialto Beach is a beautiful place, too. Every beach hike requires a good walking stick.

Each time I go to the coast, I end up with my pockets full of rocks. I'm absolutely convinced they are the prettiest rocks I've ever seen.

Then I get back to the cabin, they become completely dry, and they look like normal run of the mill rocks again. Always so disappointing.

 Jeff and I took one picture of ourselves together on this entire trip. We took it on the film camera, with a timer. Apparently our counting to ten is very different from the camera's, because this is what came out:

So here is a second portrait of us, done a little more abstractly. Two walking sticks, weathered and proud.

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