Overheard on the Metro

Sometimes I like to play a little Harriet the Spy game while riding the metro and eavesdropping on those around me. In the book Harriet will listen to people having conversations and guess in her head what they look like, and she is often right on.

Here are some snippets of a conversation heard behind me last night:

"Have you seen the new interns? They are so young! And not just that, they are soooo young!"

"He was like, 'So what do you do in your free time - when you aren't working?' And I said I like to watch movies, and read.  Then he was like, 'What kind of music do you like?' and I was like, what kind of conversation is this??"

Any guesses on what this young woman (but not soo young, like the interns, obviously) looked like? I wasn't far off, she was a Kelly Kapoor type, big pretty eyes and lots of work gossip to dole out.

So my dear readers, what kind of music do you like?