The Morfs' place.

This post is very outdated, because this was a year ago and my Morfar is now 79.

However, I thought I'd share the pictures anyhow. Because we were up in Seattle at the end of April last year we were able to be there to celebrate with him when he turned 78!

No Haneberg family event is complete without a good princess torte!

It might be worth putting on the record here that I think my grandparents love Jeff more than they love me. Not saying they don't think I'm great and love me a lot, they just really really love Jeff. Not that I can blame them.

1, 2.....7, 8

That's a lot of candles!

My Morfar and Mormor live in my favorite house in the world, on Phantom Lake in Bellevue. Morfar is a fantastic architect and this house is so beautiful.

They recently added another room onto the lower level, for them to move into eventually when they feel like they'd rather tackle less stairs. Jeff and I got to be the first residents of the new room!

Plus, there was a nesting duck out near the mailbox while we were there.

I took this picture with my iPod, and she obligingly got up to let me see the eggs (but really she was just terrified and her true colors were shown when she abandoned her eggs to save herself.)

Then I brought back my bigger camera and this time she stayed her ground, though she looked very nervous. Probably she was just feeling so guilty for getting off the eggs before, and was sitting there realizing she was going to be a terrible mother.

Mommy guilt - not just for humans.

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