Cherry Blossoms

This post could also be titled, "A very late blog post and other consequences of shooting film."

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Cherry blossoms? Linnea, don't you realize that the cherry blossoms were months ago? This is old news - everyone else was blogging and instagramming the crap out of the blossoms forever ago, including you!"

And yes, I do realize that. Which is why this post has an alternate title.

My favorite camera is a medium format film camera. I don't use it nearly enough, but thought it would be fun to schlep it along to see the cherry blossoms, so we decided to forgo the digital camera. Now, shooting film does not have to mean you don't see your images for months afterward. That's just me shooting film. First there are a few images left on the roll that I keep waiting to do something with. Then the rolls sit around for awhile while I contemplate which lab to send to. I spend so much time wondering if its worth the extra money to send to a lab with a quicker turnaround time that by the time I actually do send my film off, it could have been to any lab and back. Since we're poor, I finally decide that these pictures aren't time sensitive enough and send to the cheapest (but slowest) lab. Then a month later, I finally get the pictures back, and by that time blogging them seems a little ridiculous.

Other consequences of shooting film?

Hair scares when it's way too late to do anything about it -

"Hey look Jeff, I got the scans back from the cherry blossoms!"
"Oh hey, that's grea-WHAT? What is going on with my hair?? Why didn't you tell me my hair looked like that??"
"I don't remember your hair looking like that."
"I look like a big version of Christian!"
(There is nothing wrong with Christian's hair. Christian has very nice hair. I think that is important to note. Jeff's hair just does not normally look like this.)

"Here Linnea, let me take a picture of you."
"Well, I wonder what that will look like."

Handing your camera to a stranger and having them take this.

Thanks, pal. I'm glad I got to pay to have this one developed and scanned. (On the other hand, at least Jeff gets to check out his crazy-hair-day from behind?)

Back to the blossoms - we actually went to see the blossoms twice. The first time they were just not quite there yet, but the second time it seemed the tidal basin had exploded with rosy popcorn balls. The wind picked up and they were raining down on us, which felt very magical.

It's snowing blossoms!

Can't wait until next year. A benefit of shooting film? I can say that now, and it's not even a whole year that I have to wait!