Grease & Philly Cheesesteaks

...but not greasy philly cheesesteaks.

 So, Jeff and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary a few weeks ago! If I was a truly good blogger, I would have written a mushy post that day about how much I love Jeff and all of the reasons why, but I was too busy going on a nice walk around our beloved neighborhood with him. :) He was in class all day and I worked - having an anniversary on a Thursday is more of a challenge.

 We did want to do something fun for our anniversary though, and the next week Jeff had a day off from school. This doesn't happen very often, so we decided to take advantage of it! We drove up to Philadelphia to see a production of Grease that our dear friend Hallie was in, and had a marvelous time.

While there, we decided to try some true philly cheesesteak sandwiches. I researched a bit online before we went, and had it narrowed down to what are apparently the dueling cheesesteak vendors  - Geno's Steaks and Pat's King of Steaks. Supposedly Pat's invented the steak sandwich, but Geno's claims to have been the first to add cheese to it. They are right across the street from each other, so we sized them both up before deciding to go to Geno's. I figured that hey, I really like cheese, so people who figured out cheese would go well on the steak sandwich are probably my type of people, right?

To be honest, we were very underwhelmed. Everything I had read online insisted that these joints always have a line no matter when you go, but it was lightly drizzling (hence my frizzy hair) and there was no one there waiting in line. Maybe that contributed to our sandwiches seeming very dry - things had just been sitting too long? Or maybe, as Jeff pointed out, we really are just Pat's people.

 We enjoyed seeing the production of Grease at the Walnut Street Theater (claims to be the oldest theater in America, founded in 1809.) To be honest, the storyline of Grease is not my favorite, but I think there is such great music! Who can resist singing along to "Ra-ma la-ma la-ma ka ding a da ding de dong Shoo-bop sha wad-da wad-da yipp-it-y boom de boom Chang chang chang-it-ty chang shoo-bop"?

The best part was getting to see Hallie - true friendship is the most wonderful thing, when you can pick right up in conversation even without having seen each other for years.

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