Class Crab Feast

A few weeks ago we went out to Edgewater, Marylad for a crab feast at one of Jeff's classmate's homes. It was our first time eating crab in this way and it was really delicious.

This felt like summer was finally here to me - jet skis, outdoor barbecuing, baking in the sun.

Whenever anyone asks Jeff how he has been liking school, he automatically starts telling them about how it's so great because his class is so wonderful and he really enjoys spending time with them every day. I try to remind him that people are really asking him about the coursework and his studies (which he also enjoys) but I understand his enthusiasm - his classmates truly are wonderful and have become a great little DC family for us.

Isn't Edgewater beautiful? This day was perfect.

I have to admit that I love Jeff's class as much as he does. I have been able to make some amazing friends - wish they weren't always stuck doing homework the same time Jeff is - I need new friends who aren't students. Everyone is always bogged down at the same time. :) Jeff's class, minus a handful who couldn't make it. Yes - lots of girls!

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