Football, Fireflies, Friends & Flops

The best part about living in DC is that there is always something to do - especially now that it is summertime!

Take Tuesday, for example. After we grill up some dinner in the backyard (the heat wave here has made cooking inside impossible this week) we'll walk down to the mall where Jeff plays intermural flag football each Tuesday night.

They lost this week, but it's hard to be too depressed about that when you're playing here:

Here are Jeff and his buddies, and yes, they are sweaty. The humid heat here is definitely something we are still trying to adjust to!

Jeff had one really amazing play - he intercepted a pass and scored a touchdown. No photo however, because I was carrying my water bottle instead of my camera at that point (that danged heat strikes again!)

After the game, we wander back up to the Capitol steps, where the Air Force Band plays a concert each Tuesday night at 8 pm. If you're in town, you should head over - the beautiful music combined with the lovely view makes for a perfect summertime evening.

My favorite part of this concert was a piece called Firefly, by Ryan George. Perhaps this is in part because I have gotten to see fireflies in real life for the first time this summer - and there is something so magical about them to me - I feel like a kid again.

I found a recording of Firefly to share with you -

Not too shabby for a Tuesday night.

Wednesday night found us up at the NoMa Summer Screen, celebrating our good friend Haylie's birthday by watching Moonrise Kingdom and chowing down on snacks.

Pictures stolen from Kim
I tried to make an angel food cake for Haylie's birthday and discovered that humidity and whipping up egg whites do not mix - at all. The cake was a huge flop and my worst baking disaster ever - not only did it fall apart into pieces but it was flat and rubbery and completely inedible! Looks like this Utah girl needs to relearn how to bake without the dry air and high altitude!