It's real.

Happy Anniversary to my parents!

 My parents have a beautiful marriage that has always been a wonderful example to me. I am so grateful for them.

 So much could be said about their great relationship, but I think I can sum it up here:

 A few years ago I had one of those paradigm-shifting moments after seeing behind the false fronts of some relationships that I had always admired and held up as a standard for what I wanted. I think this is part of growing up - finding out that adults don't always have it together and hey, relationships are flawed. However, my faith in marriage as an institution was severely shaken and I felt so confused. Was everyone faking, I wondered? Was anyone truly happy?

 After letting this bug me for a week or two, I finally brought it up while sitting by my dad on the sofa, each of us reading a book.

 "Is this real?" I asked him - liking to keep it nice and vague, since I was so confused.

 "Is what real?"

"This - you and mom. Are you real? Is this real? Are you really happy together?"

 I'll never forget his response. So certain, so sure.

 "Yes, it's real. I am so glad to be married to your mom, I love her so much. Sometimes I still get butterflies when I see her."

This is real, folks.

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