Meeting Mormor's Cousins - on the Stockholm Archipelago

A really neat thing we were able to do while in Sweden was attend a family reunion with my Mormor and Morbror Stig's cousins! The reunion was held at cousin Bitte's amazing home on the Stockholm archipelago. It was on a tiny little island - only three homes on the whole island! The day was a bit rainy, but there was a beautiful sunset at the end.

Our hosts planned a wonderful day for us, filled with tons of amazing food along with a fun scavenger/trivia hunt around the property. It was neat to get to meet some of our Swedish relatives!

There were two other Linnéa's there - first time in my life I've needed an initial behind my name on a nametag! I got to be Linnéa F. :)

It's always a good time for Fika!

More of this beautiful island - Can you spot Anders skipping rocks?

 The whole family!

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