Family Resemblance.

You know how it goes when there is a camera out and not much going on. Eventually someone gets bored and starts taking pictures of someone else, and the photos get progressively goofier.

Such a time occurred on our vacation, and I scored these gems of my dad:

Not long after he went inside, and I discovered his hat and glasses sitting on the railing. I promptly put them on and began posing for Jeff. But after snapping only a few, he was laughing so hard he could barely stay standing, let alone hold up the camera.

After seeing the pictures I understood why.

I look just like my dad.

And not in that cute, daughter-resembles-father way. In a is-that-really-me-or-a-guy-in-his-fifties kind of way.

He tried to photobomb right before he realized I was mocking him.

It was really funny except that it wasn't funny at all. And now Jeff is laughing at it again and if he doesn't stop soon I'm going to slug him.

Later on in the week, Christian and I were looking at the large collection of framed family pictures our Morbror Stig has displayed on top of his bookcase. Christian began pointing out people in the pictures to me.

"And this is Mormor when she was little," he said, pointing to a picture of me when I was four or so.

"Wait a minute - no! That is me!"

He was surprised.

Then he proceeded to get me wrong in every single photo. He mixed me up most frequently with my Aunt Anna, but also struggled with keeping me and my mom straight.

Finally I grabbed his shoulders and swung him around to face me.

"Christian!! Look at me! This is what I look like!"

He sweetly replied, "Well, you are all just so beautiful that it is difficult to tell you apart."

Charming little diplomat.

I'm still not sure whether to be relieved that I do apparently still have some of my mother's genes, or if I should be mildly horrified that my own brother can't identify me in a picture.

In case you're skeptical that he should really be mixing us up, here is a fun family picture from 2009. Can you find Anna and I?

So happens.