Christmas in Canada

It was cold, it was snowy, it was Christmas.

A few scenes from our delightful holiday with my brother and his family:

There was a lot of snow up there. I mean a lot. Growing up in Utah I know snow, but this was probably the most snow I'd ever seen in my life.
On the left of Fredrik? Not a hill...just the front yard.

I kept trying to find ways to really show how much snow there was in pictures. Perhaps having the car in for scale helps? Or seeing Fredrik wade around on the deck?

 Perhaps it's best illustrated by seeing this sweet girl -

-only ten minutes or so after we went outside. She went and stood by the door and made this face until she was let back in.

If it's not enjoyable to the kids, it's too much snow, right? Or maybe just too cold. :) Other than a few quick nighttime excursions - one to see the live nativity at the church, and one to see the Parliament Building all lit up -

- we stayed indoors where it was nice and warm.

We goofed off...

Pretending to be sleeping is one of Livia's favorite ways to be silly.

...and enjoyed the magic of Christmas. 
Yes, more pictures of my cookies. But I am proud of them, ok?? Mostly because they tasted delicious!
Holly was excited for her new bread maker - something sure to be put to good use, judging by the amount of delicious homemade bread she made for us during our visit even before receiving it.
Jeff left cryptic clues on some of my presents this year -

(but if it looks like a present and feels like a present, surely it is a present, right?) Can you guess what was inside this one? A Kindle!

It was so nice to spend time this holiday with my brother and his family - something we have really missed while they were living in China the past few years. It was a really wonderful Christmas!

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