Throwing it back... bunny ears and castle cakes.

This picture is telling in many ways. One, you can see how sweetly oblivious Nils has always been to our tormenting. He was always so pure in heart, every prayer included a plea that everyone in the world would be happy. (Not a bad thing to ask for.) Two, that's green blankey around my shoulders. It's falling apart so badly now that I am grateful for any photographic evidence of how it used to look.

Three, Nils has a castle cake. Castle cakes are the greatest, and we all always wanted one while growing up. Ice cream cone turrets covered in frosting and sprinkles, chocolate bar doors and windows - it's perfection. We began to pass them over as we got older in favor of princess torte, cheesecake, etc. - you know, more grown-up tastes - but I feel like they're about to come back into vogue again. I offered to make Jeff a castle cake for his most recent birthday and he politely turned me down ("Don't you think that's a little juvenile?" was what he actually said, but in a sort of nice-ish way) so instead I'm planning on an epic castle cake for my own next birthday.

Jeff thinks that once I get to 28 I'll also think that a castle cake is a bit juvenile. I guess we'll see.