What we did in April

A little recap of things that happened in April:

My year of the cookie continues. I made hippo, DC, Capitol and EKG heart cookies for Jeff's class bake sale (which I have to say - really? How were other people who don't have a wife to bake for them supposed to contribute to a bake sale while preparing for finals? Jeff is so lucky to have me.)

They turned out cute, I thought. The hippos were for GW, since they are the secondary mascot. I picked up the Capitol and DC cookie cutters at Hill's Kitchen, where they have cookie cutters of every state. (And...every district too, I guess.) They also have a cookie cutter of the Washington Monument, which I didn't buy because it's such a simple shape. However since then I had a brainstorm concerning it and might go back to get it...4th of July cookies are going to be awesome.

However, I have officially decided that I just don't like royal icing. I've tried a few recipes, it decorates pretty - I just don't like the taste! It's too sweet and dries so hard. I think the next cookies I made I'm going to experiment with buttercream and a glaze and see how things go decorating-wise - when it comes down to it, it's the taste that really matters, right?

We enjoyed a Nats game with some good friends:

Some of us enjoyed the game a little more than others. The Nats lost, and Rhoda just couldn't handle that. She is a hard core fan.

This picture of Jeff and I is so close up I had to make it smaller.

We had a lovely Easter Sunday with family and friends. Our friend Ginger made a fantastic drink complete with strawberry garnishes cut in the shape of roses and tulips. It was stunning. I made a carrot cake like last year and for some reason this year it was soupy and goop-y, which was really disappointing. More cookies (again reaffirming my need to find something other than royal icing) done up as eggs and one giant bunny made from a cookie cutter my dear friend Jacki's grandmother made (true vintage!) The ham turned out fantastic, so that made up a little for the cake.

Despite how bored everyone looks here, we had lots of lively conversation and fun. Really.
I loved having beautiful flowers around the next week. I wish we had fresh flowers in our house all the time!