Downtown Seattle

In keeping with the plan to do all the things Jeff has never experienced in Seattle, we spent a day downtown. We hit up all the typical tourist traps - Pike Place Market, the Space Needle.

We had lunch at Sky City, the restaurant up in the Space Needle.
  Enormous and delicious meal I had.

We spent a bulk of the afternoon in the Pacific Science Center, which was one of my favorite places when I was little. I was slightly concerned that my memories of how cool it was were colored by the fact that I was a kid, but it did not disappoint (perhaps because Jeff is basically just a big kid.) They have so many neat interactive exhibits.
  The mirrors were a lot of fun, especially the anti-gravity mirror -

 They had a great butterfly house. We had one butterfly hitchhiker who was determined to come with us - he tried to travel out on me, then flew from me to Jeff and the butterfly experts had to finally come remove him with special tongs.

So now Jeff has really seen Seattle.

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