Jeff and Linnea turn 6

I mentioned the other week that it was our anniversary. We've been married 6 whole years now. It's interesting to me to think about our relationship now compared to back when we were dating. Like any 6-year-old, it has a lot of emerging personality, a goofy sense of humor, and is still learning a lot each day. We know how to go crazy at recess but still are working on mastering addition.

It's easier to think of us as first-graders than full-fledged adults.

We took things easy on our anniversary - Jeff didn't have class that day and I was able to get off work a little early. We took a nice walk around our neighborhood and actually stopped to smell the roses (there were roses everywhere!) Then we wandered over to Adams Morgan and had dinner at the Little Fountain Cafe, which was both darling and delicious.

Jeff had a bison steak which was really yummy.

 The traditional 6th anniversary presents are Iron or Sugar, which had us pretty stumped. We finally decided to go down the sugar route (like any smart 6-year-old would) and so we made homemade milkshakes for dessert, complete with homemade whipped cream and homemade cookie dough chunks. Hey, when we do sugar, we do it right.

Jeff surprised me with a cute patio table and I got him these spoons. They are perfect for us because I'm not good at sharing things. I mean - I'm good at sharing Jeff's food, but I'm not so good about sharing my own. With anyone. So these seemed appropriate. One says "My Ice Cream" (which Jeff claimed) and one says "Your Ice Cream" (which Jeff assigned to me. And then moved his milkshake out of my reach.)


I suppose I might get better at sharing as we keep growing. Maybe by year 12.