Midsommar 2014

Midsommar is quickly becoming one of our favorite holidays. Last year we threw a wonderful little party, and almost as soon as it was over we started brainstorming for this year. As a result, this year's party was much bigger (and so was the Midsommar Pole, thankfully!)

I remember a professor making a remark a few years ago about planting a tree wherever you go. He pointed out that renters never plant trees - it seems silly to them. However, he challenged us to plant a tree figuratively everywhere. Make friends, get involved. Our party on Saturday showed me the roots that Jeff and I have put down here in DC. Our community has really grown, and we were joined by friends from school, neighborhood friends, friends from Swedish class, church friends. Old friends, new friends. I wasn't sure if our backyard could hold everyone, but it did!

While our little pole was cute last year, this year we wanted something a little bigger. After a lot of brainstorming, Jeff bought two large pieces of garden edging and cut one down for the cross piece. He cut a notch out of the smaller piece so they'd nestle in close and secured it with a few screws. We weren't sure how to stand the pole up, but finally planted it in a large planted pot (which surprisingly held!)

Everyone brought flowers and we had such a beautiful variety of blooms to choose from for crowns and to decorate the pole. We feasted on meatballs, potatoes, knäckebröd, mazariner and chokladbullar.

Oh and we danced around like frogs and pigs, of course.

    Glad midsommar allihop!