Tipe Riter Pome

In a lot of ways it really felt like Christian had been 11 forever, but he finally turned 12 earlier this week!

In honor of his birthday I thought it would be a good time to resurrect his life's best work so far, the Tipe Riter Pome he penned (or rather, plucked out on a typewriter) in 2009. Christian was seven at the time, and become really interested in typewriters. The old family typewriter that he dragged into his room was temperamental, sticky, and the 'd' key didn't work - so he cleverly substituted the 't' in its place when needed. Spelling errors are completely unintentional, which makes this an excellent study in irony:

tipe riter pome
l ii love tipe riters, bcus ther so cool but one theng that is roing abaot tham is that you cant fikces youer mastakces

It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Christian is now 12, because I still think of him as the cute little kid who liked to come with me everywhere. 

Little known fact: when my parents announced they were expecting again, I declared that if this one wasn't a girl I wasn't going to speak to it. I'm glad I changed my mind, because my "honeybuddy" and I are the best of friends and he is awesome. And old, now.

So now we are left with an issue where this is how I think of him:

and this is more what he is really like:

He's still incredibly funny, which isn't surprising as it is a dominant family trait.