A yellow skirt in June

In June I bought a yellow skirt. Then I wore it basically everywhere we went. This is a good thing, right? Better than buying a yellow skirt and then just hanging it in my closet.

Here are some of the places my yellow skirt went, and some places that I went without my yellow skirt, too.

Brunch at Wilson's with our framily -
These girls are the best.

 Sarah and Ryan came to visit! One of the strange things about graduating, moving out here and starting real life was no longer seeing certain people everyday who kept me sane and also understood all of my insanity at the same time. So it was lovely to have them out for a visit and we are so excited for them to move back East, even if it is still a ways away from us.

 Baked and Wired and a little sunset river watching = perfect.

We went to hear the fabulous Charity Sunshine sing:

Rooftop parties

Saying farewell to friends at church (and that great moment when Jesse and Kate show up wearing the same dress!)

Went blueberry picking at Butler's Orchard (these blueberries were incredibly tasty.)

I stole these pictures from Jacki's phone. 

and one wonderful evening had some old high school friends over! Both Chase and Nakita and Natalie and Bryce are in the area for the summer and it was so much fun to catch up (plus an everybody-dig-in-cake never hurts.) The most wonderful thing about getting together with friends you haven't seen in years is remembering how much you really like them.

We barbecued then went to the park to play like we were little again for Owen.

Summer always goes by way too quickly.