Quick and Dirty: Undefeated

I kept trying to write a bit about Jeff's undefeated intramural football season and failing. I wanted it to capture that inspirational-football-movie triumph. Something that would make you feel like you could also almost drink the humid air, need to shade your eyes from the glare off the Capitol, scream in frustration as they were down 34-7 at the half, then again in exhilaration as they came back to win the championship in overtime.

It just wasn't quite coming together, though. Maybe the real problem here is that great football movies are rarely based off intramural leagues. Perhaps I should have been instead trying for a feel good made-for-TV featurette instead? We could have played on the audience's emotions by showing the dilemma faced by the teammates when they had to choose between studying and showing up to do their part for the team. You'd all be reaching for the tissues as a montage played of different DC landmarks quickly emptying of tourists as a thunderstorm started, leading to the double-header the night before COMPs exam being rained out and rescheduled. Miracles do happen, people.

And that championship game comeback  - the music would be swelling.

Yes, Jeff caught this. And then ran a touchdown.