Life today, illustrated by yesterday

Time for a brief update on our lives. Oh how things have changed, and how they've stayed the same:

Jeff continues his life as a student. One day he may actually graduate. Until then, he's generally rushing out the door with his backpack and throwing his shoes on at the same time.

He has now finished one internship and is a little over halfway through his second one.

The standard PT outfit is a collared shirt and khakis. Jeff's wardrobe has no problem accommodating this:


I continue to work as a photographer and spend my days trying to tap into my creative juices -

- and attempting to be creative while working in an office.

"What now?? I mean, can I help you?"

A friend and I have been attending Barre and zumba classes, where I generally look a bit like this:


But I do think I am getting stronger. In fact, my barre teacher complimented me the other day - because I corrected something myself before she had to come do it for me, sure, but hey - a compliment is a compliment!

Because Jeff is done early two days a week during this internship, he currently handles the majority of our errands and shopping, and does it with ease, grace and style:

and we are well into our second year without a dishwasher.

It doesn't get any less annoying to live without one.