Midsommar 2015

I know I said the blog would be going onward, however I do feel the need to take a few steps back and blog about our Midsommar party this year. Partly because our Midsommar parties are one of my favorite things to share, and also this was our last Midsommar in our little city backyard!

It was so humid and yucky, but we managed to get in a few dances around the pole and scarf down our food before some serious rain started up.

Our little cub was not such a fan of the whole day - the weather, me putting a flower crown on her head, all the people. I'm sure she'll like it more next year. :)

We had so many wonderful friends come celebrate with us. I'm so glad this is becoming such a tradition for us!


The ladies are always so happy to pose for a picture and the guys are always so happy to not.