Emoji Stories

We finally got iPhones a few months back. Finally caught up to the rest of you.

Finally I'm getting to use emojis, and I'm using them like it's my job. I have years of emoji-less conversations to make up for, so sometimes I like to send Jeff an entire message comprised only of emojis.

Some of them are very easy to decipher:


 Others are a little more complicated.

He can usually figure them out, but that is probably because he knows me better than anyone else.

Also, I can now do one of those "phone photo dump" blog posts.

So I bring you a study in teething:

A consequence of so much early teething is that the cub loves her baby tylenol. Sometimes I just give her the little dropper and let her think she's taking some - gives a nice placebo affect. She's recently started trying to share her tylenol with me, which I am taking as the sign of true love that she means it as.