End of Summer Tops

Just before we went on our big trip in September I noticed the cub had really shot up height-wise, and many of her tops were looking really short on her. I made her a few tops for our vacation, and to help take her through until it really cools down for fall -

The first was upcycled from a man's linen shirt I bought at the thrift store. It has the prettiest blue stripes and is 100% linen, which means it wrinkles a ton but is so nice and soft! I loved the fabric so much I actually squeaked out two tops, one for her and one for me.

I used the Oliver + S Ice Cream dress pattern, but made the blouse version. This was my first Oliver + S pattern and I love it, the finishes look so professional. I made her the 6-12 month size.

When I saw the Art Gallery Pandalicious fabrics I knew I wanted to make something for the cub for our big trip to Beijing. I loved the subtle Hidden Panda print, and when I saw Compagnie M.'s Mara blouse pattern I knew it was exactly the feel I was looking for. Compagnie M.'s designs are so timeless and classic, with little details that keep them unique and fun. I went to my sewing class on piping and bias tape the week before tackling this top and that was super helpful - this was my first project with both piping and making my own bias tape and it went smoothly! This top also has a long sleeve option and I plan to make one for fall/winter for A. I made it in size 1.

I did a little embroidery on one little panda and it was so sweet I was tempted to do it on all of them...

She wore this top when we went to the zoo in Beijing to see the pandas - exactly what I pictured while working on it!

Finally, the day before we left I decided to whip up another top for her-which was probably a bit crazy of me (and I know Jeff thought so) but it turned out so cute and is one of my favorite things I've ever sewed her. I used the same gauze fabric I've used for two baby dress gifts, and the little flowers are just so sweet. There are red buttons all up the back of this one which I love, and the sleeves just have the cutest little shape.

I used the Oliver + S Family Reunion dress pattern, made the blouse option and omitted the tab in the front. I again made the 6-12 month size, but added an inch or so to the length. The finishing on this is so nice - the directions up by the shoulders are just excellent.

She wore all of her shirts several times on our trip and a ton over the last few weeks too, since the weather has remained quite warm. It makes me so happy to dress her in them.