Plaid Upcycled Janie Lou Dress

A month ago or so I found a nice men's plaid shirt at Kohls on clearance for about $4, and picked it up thinking it could be a fall dress for the cub. It is such a nice double brushed cotton and so soft. It was a size 2XL, so it yielded a lot of fabric.

 A boutique in the area carries a line of darling children's clothing from Spain (Mayoral is the brand) and they always have the sweetest little plaid dresses for fall which were my inspiration for this. I used the Little Lizard King Janie Lou pattern which has a nice bodice panel in the center (I love their chevron tuck option and will do that the next time I make the pattern) and the sweetest little cuffs on the sleeves. The pattern came together nicely, I did change it slightly when attaching the skirt and sandwiched the seam between the bodice and lining, purely because I prefer having less of my seams exposed inside.

 I'm proud of my plaid matching, especially across the back. I reused the buttons already on the shirt, and even put the tiny ones that were up by the neck on the original shirt onto the cuffs. (I made the cuffs from some navy blue corduroy I had leftover from another project.)

 I did have to slightly shorten the skirt because of fabric constraints, and am considering going back and adding a band around the bottom to give her another inch or two. I think it's fine when she's wearing her tights, but she keeps shooting up in height and the extra length would be helpful.


 She's worn this several times already! Here are a few action shots from our trip to the farm to pick out a pumpkin -

I love this picture Jeff snapped of the two of us chatting over our apple cider donuts. She has become such a talker lately and her blabbering cracks me up.