A Winter Mara Blouse

I feel so boring when I'm writing a post about something I sewed. So here's some human interest...the other day Jeff read the cub "If you Give a Mouse a Brownie" and said to me afterward, "You know, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is a lot more believable." 😂

I can already see that the Mara blouse pattern is going to be well used around here. I made the panda one for the cub late last summer, and then in the fall I made her one with long sleeves. I didn't take the time to take pictures of her in it until a few weeks ago, but it has been worn a lot.

The one tricky thing about doing long sleeves was that the pattern didn't give measurements for how long the elastic should be that is put into the wrist. I made the wrists a bit snug on her, will have to remember to make them bigger than I think I need next time.

The fabric was from an old shirt, I had the buttons left over from another project and thought they looked so cute. I made the bias tape and piping from the same fabric.

I love how this has a totally different look from the last time I made this pattern. I already have a new Spring/Summer one planned out, too. I love the shape of the shirt and how the tucks in the front give some extra space for her little toddler tummy!