Cherry Blossoms

My friend Veronica came to visit the weekend that peak bloom was originally predicted, and we went downtown just to see what it was like. The blossoms were brown and shriveled up, and it looked more like burnt popcorn popping on the tree, which was sad. So although the blossoms were a bit lackluster this year we still were glad to see so many of them survived and bloomed out a week later!

Last year we had a little picnic over at the Arboretum after visiting the blossoms and this year we visited the same tree again. There was another family having a picnic there as well, and they told us they have picnicked there during the blossoms every year for the past ten years! (We must have just missed them last year.) We may adopt their tradition! They shared Japanese tea with us and the cub played ball with their kids. It was a lovely day.