Upcycled Pixie Shorts

One of the top things on my list to sew for the cub once the warm weather hit were shorts. I want shorts for her that aren't super skimpy or tight, but which are still cute. Twig and Tale just re-released their Pixie Shorts & Pants pattern, and I was lucky to have the chance to sew up a version for the release. I love the flat front on these shorts and the little cuffs on the legs! I tried to show her the little pockets but she hasn't really figured out pant pockets yet.

One of the things I really love about Twig + Tale is the encouragement to recycle and upcycle fabric. There are suggestions right in the pattern of different ways to do that, and I love giving something new life (and being kinder to our environment)!  This pattern also has access to some great tutorial videos in case you're a visual learner like me. :)

I used what was previously a man's shirt to make these shorts. The fabric is a cotton/poly blend and is a thicker chambray, so it's a nice weight for shorts.

I made size 18-24 month shorts, no adjustments to the pattern, and added a bow to the front.

This pattern has so many options, and there is also an expansion pack with additional romper, suspenders, and bow add ons. I can definitely see making some corduroy or wool versions in the fall to wear with tights. The bundled pack (with the expansion) can be found here and is 10% off until midnight Monday PST.

We stopped to take some pictures of her in the shorts after dropping Jeff off at work the other day, and she was really unhappy about taking pictures because she knew I had a green smoothie in the car and she really wanted it. It took a bit of work to get her to forget about it and enjoy running around, which is a change from the usual (wanting to run around and not get in the car)! She's crazy about green smoothies right now, which I think primarily is because I let her push the button to blend it all together. She also has a real thing for raw spinach, which she wants to eat with a fork. Just raw spinach. That sounds like a total humble brag, but we just find it really funny and I know that it isn't any huge parenting win on our part and she will probably turn against all green stuff any day. But for now we're eating spinach with forks.