Polina Dress - Birthday Dress!

This post has been a long time coming, but I'm finally getting it up!

I was so lucky to get to test the Polina Dress for Coffee + Thread. Both versions of the dress are so cute and I knew as soon as I saw the initial line drawings that I wanted to sew it. I will say this dress was definitely a labor of love...getting those ruffles on took time and patience.

I actually based this on a past Janie and Jack dress that I had seen and loved. I was nervous about color blocking a line in on the circle skirt, but once I finally sat down and made myself do it I found that it really wasn't complicated at all. The bodice is from a man's shirt, the skirt is white poplin. Why I thought that a white skirt would be good on a toddler is a good question, but it has actually held up just fine!

This dress was originally for the cub's birthday, but she has worn it a ton since (Easter, to a wedding, Mother's Day, church several times). That circle skirt is great for twirling.

Lots of pictures because, well, birthday. :)

Solemnly watching her subjects sing Happy Birthday to her.

She got a doll stroller and it was her favorite thing. She would tell me "I love the stroller!" about every twenty minutes for the whole first week she owned it. Going "for a little walk" is still a favorite past time.