A few years ago I did a post all about Jeff. I thought today might be a good time to do another one, because today Jeff and I are celebrating our anniversary!

So, this is Jeff.

 28-years-old. Wears glasses. Grows facial hair slowly, but generally still has some (red!) scruff because he doesn't shave much. Passionate about PT school and everything he is studying. Loves movies, TV shows, and Netflix. Enjoys playing games and sports. Plays on a flag football team called "Quick and Dirty" in the Nakid league, which seems slightly out of character to me. Was MVP last game. Always up for adventure. Always up for food - "I could eat" is a commonly said phrase. Kids think he is great and he is great with them, but be warned that if you let him hold your baby he will subtly start testing their reflexes and mobility. When he tries to speak Swedish he hangs onto his vowels way too long. Made a goal to read 12 books this year, and has already read 10. (I told him he needed to set his sights higher.) Looks really cute in a baseball hat. When you get him laughing really hard he cries. He laughs a lot because he thinks I'm really funny.

Jeff's classmates tease him that he has a "patient voice" that he uses in clinic. I haven't gotten to hear this special voice yet, although I can't imagine it's that much different from what I always hear. It's probably just his normal voice after years of being patient with me and my crazy ideas. He really is the most patient and understanding person I've ever met.

Being married to Jeff has been the most wonderful thing I ever could have imagined.

Photo by Rachel May.