Exploring Ottawa

After my parents visited Jeff and I they headed north to see Daniel, Holly & Co. in Canada, and I flew up to meet them. It was great to see what their house and neighborhood look like when not covered in three feet of snow and always fun to visit with family! We played tourist around town and ate ourselves silly. The weather was fantastic and I really love Ottawa - the pace of the city, the beautiful buildings, the nephew and niece who live there...

Going sightseeing in our family requires great hats and a sense of wonder.

And a little patience for short legs. We took a tour of the Parliament building and I learned a lot about Canadian government (which I probably should have known more about already.) Sightseeing can be tiring.

Our family loves reading. Here Livia treats us to "Fox in Socks" which can sometimes make your tongue go numb.

It was fun to play in the backyard without the snowbanks. We introduced the kids to the magic of games like London Bridges and Duck, Duck, Goose! Fredrick liked to be silly and come up with other animals to say (pig, pig) and Livia seemed to be saying "Moose" instead of "Goose" and just run aimlessly until we encouraged her to sit down, but she caught on fairly well considering.  
We went on a river tour of the city, which was lovely.

Construction: you just can't escape it anywhere.  
We explored Ottawa on foot, too. Overall bib pockets are obviously for collecting wildflowers.

We finally headed back to DC on Sunday, which made Fredrik cry ("No goodbye! I don't like goodbye!") I feel you, kid. I don't like goodbye either.

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